girl on guy 85: maria bamford
whirling comedy dervish

March 12, 2013

maria bamford is furious.

she is smart, an delicate, and charming, and self-aware, and lovely, and hilarious, and artistic.

and she is totally fucking enraged.

this is one of the best and most compelling episodes of girl on guy ever. it is honest and difficult and wonderful, confounding and enlightening. honest, surprising, unforgettable. much like maria’s comedy, it is singularly riveting, and not to be missed.

join brilliant comedy dervish maria bamford and aisha as they dissect psychophantry, suicide notes, champagne problems, art sharks, not being good for company, hopeful despair, human ambivalence, and getting everything you ever dreamed of. Plus, maria is really fucking pissed off, and aisha wants tamale pie.

girl on guy. why so angry now?

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