girl on guy 83: comedian cash levy
cashing in with tj miller

February 27, 2013

cash levy and aisha are old friends. they started doing standup together. weathered the trenches, the slings and arrows, the deeply scarring psychological trauma of being baby comedians β€” enduring insult and injury from contemptuous club owners and contemptible audiences alike β€” leaning on their colleagues for comfort, and occasionally for money to buy beer.

eventually their paths separated. aisha came to los angeles and became a candy-assed actress. cash went on to be a touring comedian, performing in the us and overseas, making the troops laugh in war zones and generally being much more hardcore.

now they find themselves together again, these old friends. and as you would imagine, they do a bunch of reminiscing that no one gives a shit about. but they are also old friends who are both standup comedians, so while they may be reminiscing about stuff you have no recollection of, you can be sure there will be mayhem, verbal abuse, and a surfeit of jokes.

join comedian cash levy and aisha tyler as they muse over enraging baby gangs, whore heartbreak, tenacious asians, eucalyptus farts, stealing set lists, talking back to your superiors, cashing in, and blaming the audience. plus cash has a terrible time closing the deal, and aisha and cash compare self-abuse notes.

girl on guy needs some new hobbies.

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