girl on guy 77: top chef antonia lofaso
black market liquor bar; culinary all-star

January 17, 2013

antonia lofaso has always loved to cook.

from the time she was young she would make meals — for her italian-american family, for her friends, for whomever would eat her food. granted, sometimes the meals were centered around hot dogs, but they were grand repasts nonetheless, and cooked with passion. as she grew up and was exposed to new, exotic foods, her love for cooking grew, taking her to culinary school, then to the proving ground of beverly hills’ famed spago restaurant, and then, in a twist of fate both wonderful and horrifying, to the bare-knuckle no holds barred food brawl known as top chef.

chef antonia competed in the fourth season and then again as an all-star in the eighth,  and she understands the punishing experience of being a top chef contestant like no one else. top chef is thrilling. punishing. exhilarating. soul-crushing. people are separated from the families, at odds with each other, the judges, their food, and themselves. top chef is not for pussies.

antonia made it to the finals twice, excelling at both cooking and navigating the labyrinthine rules of competition. and she is not afraid to tell the sticky, dirty truth.

ever wanted to know what it is like to be a contestant on top chef? get ready to eat a massive plate of humble pie.

join top chef all star antonia lofaso and aisha as they unpack top chef’s sticky little secrets, dish on what it’s like to be an all-star, and rant, puke, cry, scream, eat and drink their way through what it takes to be a competitive chef. plus antonia tells the truth at judges’ table, and aisha eats at antonia’s restaurant and is a greedy little bastard.

girl on guy will never pack its knives and go.

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