girl on guy 78: comedian eddie ifft
shit talker

January 21, 2013

eddie ifft is battle tested.

he has lived through fan attacks. google bombs. anguished managerial breakups. surly audience revolts. festival failures. feature film crashes. and one very tenacious girlfriend from hell.

all of this might have crushed a weaker man. turned him to paste. sent him running for a day job in a safer, more welcoming, less punishing profession. instead, this trial by fire just made eddie stronger. less risk-averse. more brazen. and above it all, undeniably funny.

eddie has come through a lot. and while he may be bloodied, he is definitely unbowed.

join comedian eddie ifft and aisha as they wade through evil fans, podcast shitheads, cancer jokes, bombing in montreal, hurdling anguish, penis injuries, and losing everything but not losing yourself. plus, aisha and eddie whine about making their podcasts, and eddie engages in some high-stakes hostage negotiation.

girl on guy wants you to know β€” it’s not me, it’s you.

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