girl on guy 38: jimmy pardo
never not funny podcast, conan, name hubris

March 12, 2012

with a name like jimmy pardo, it seems foregone this man would one day become a comedian. yet jimmy’s path to standup was tortured and circuitous, set upon by unsupportive audiences, angry bosses, judgmental family members and a very long, very explosive bout with alcohol. jimmy made it through all of this funnier than ever, and with the clear-eyed sanguinity that only comes with dragging oneself from the ashes by one’s own singed and blackened bootstraps.

walking through that fire made jimmy a lot of things: brave, forward thinking, wild-eyed, unflinchingly honest, maybe a little crazy. it also made him start a podcast at his kitchen table at a time when the word podcast was a made-up thing that webcasting nerds used to make themselves feel important. now, five years later, his never not funny podcast is insanely successful, and one of the only subscription-only podcasts out there that actually makes money. while the rest of podcastdom flails about in aimless confusion, jimmy consistently puts out an impeccably hilarious hour of internet radio, and people are willing, and have been for a long time, to pay for it. jimmy is the plastics guy in the graduate — he saw this shit coming.

join comedian and podcaster jimmy pardo and aisha as they dig through why you can’t go home again, integrating the neighborhood, bobby brown’s love of ice cream, accidental racism, media bloodthirst, pulling a costner, and epic meltdowns. plus, touchy subjects, uncomfortable silences, and for once, aisha isn’t the only insensitive lout in the room.

girl on guy is avoiding high school reunion.

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