girl on guy 32: greg proops
standup, improv comic, smartest man in the world

February 1, 2012

greg proops may just be the smartest man in the world.

a veteran standup comedian and improv comic who has performed all over the globe, greg has made the art of delivering thoughtful, incisive, personal comedy seem effortless, if not downright alchemical.

raised in the san francisco bay area (this girl’s hometown), greg honed his improv blade first in san francisco and later with first the british and then the american iterations of the vaunted improv troupe who’s line is it anyway? he now brings that razor-sharp improvisational wit to bear on his popular podcast the smartest man in the world, where he regularly skewers pop culture icons, political talking heads, american cultural tropes, and himself, with unflinching severity and unrelenting hilarity. intelligent, sarcastic, throat-parchingly dry, greg proops is a delight to talk with and even more of a delight to see live, and reminds us why it is we go to see standup β€” to be dazzled, delighted, intrigued, challenged, and maybe, just a tiny bit, shamed.

comedian and smartest man in the world greg proops and aisha hash over the joys of podcasting, hipster douchebaggery, audience hate, plump dancing celebrities, mucky reality television, network wood, and who might best jump out of a cake. plus greg uses big words, and aisha insults the founding fathers.

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