girl on guy 13: judy greer and amber nash

September 26, 2011

judy greer may play cheryl/carol/cristal on archer, but this is just a tiny waystop on a murderous cross-country rampage (metaphorically speaking). the woman has been in everything, and i mean everything. from huge romantic blockbusters to edgy underground films to sparkly network sitcoms, judy never stops working. maybe it’s because she’s cute, maybe it’s because she’s smart, and maybe it’s because she takes the adorable best friend role, shoots it through with napalm, soaks it in booze, sets it on fire, and kicks it out of a speeding car. either way, she’s a joy to watch, and even more awesome to listen to.

amber nash is balls-out funny. in the 2.17 seasons of archer thus far this brilliant sketch comic from atlanta has transformed the role of pam poovey from donut munching, dolphin-puppet wearing, office gossip to badass back-tattooed fight-club champion with knuckles of iron and a heart of gold. oh, and a knack for knowing just when everyone in the office is at their most vulnerable, then exploiting that vulnerability for personal gain. usually by getting them terribly drunk, then having nightmarish blackout sex with them. pam will pump you full of jäeger shots. pam is about to whip that ass. pam is awesome and terrifying. pam is the lady galadriel of isis. love her, and despair.

on their last night of comic-con, the women of archer get together for a beer-fueled pow-wow that starts strangely and spirals quickly downward from there.

enter the danger zone with judy, amber and aisha as they rant about hosing down your rubber pants, the optimal method for punching feral teenagers, the best time of day to have sex, and why bartenders are mad with power. plus, how to get your lady friend into bed quickly, why brushing your teeth is overrated, and amber ruins roast beef for everyone, forever.

girl on guy. thank god this thing is waterproof.

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