girl on guy 124: constance zimmer
reluctant cable darling

January 28, 2014

constance zimmer is a rarity in hollywood; a working actress who really works. a lot.

constance zimmer has been on what seems like every tv show ever. yes, that is an exaggeration. however, a cursory view of her imdb page reveals that she has done more shows than i can remember. more shows than i can list here. more shows than even she herself can recall. constance zimmer needs the internet to remind her of all the work she has done. constance zimmer is always working.

and while her life may seem charmed, it most certainly is not. the life of a working actor — a smart, competitive, talented, working actor — is much like yours. long periods of trial, uncertainty and self-doubt, punctuated by brief moments of creative and personal transcendence.

oh, and carpool and grocery shopping and pta meetings and traffic and shit like that.

constance zimmer is incredibly talented, unbelievably hardworking, relentlessly driven, and wildly down to earth.

you don’t know constance zimmer, but you know her. and after you listen to this show, you’ll know her even better.

join constance zimmer of netflix’s house of cards (returning february 14) and hbo’s the newsroom and aisha as they rip through the nature of marriage, rich people in newport, making it in a bmw, the invention of french bread pizza, hemp seed nightmares, angry high school letters, winging it at julliart, being a cable darling, and staying wildly busy. plus we have a long and pornographic conversation about hostess fruit pies.

girl on guy is about to get all up in that fruit filling.

explicit content.
don’t play this for your mom.