girl on guy 123: jason somerville
poker phenom uncaged

January 22, 2014

all his life, jason somerville has wanted to be the best. incredibly competitive, relentlessly one-pointed, blindingly driven, he became one of the youngest online poker earners, turning a “free” five dollars in to $100,000 before he was eighteen years old.

jason has gone after everything he has wanted with a focus and intensity so hot, that at one point, it almost killed him. and when he converted his online play to the real world card table, he was unstoppable.

jason loved poker, loved playing, loved competing, loved winning. he gathered information about others, dissecting their behavior, drawing out their deepest secrets and intentions, and using that information to beat them at the card table.

but the one secret he kept from others was the one that eventually set him free.

join poker pro jason somerville and aisha as they bluff through the worst road trip ever, family game night smack downs, growing the dojo, turning five bucks into a fortune, losing $40K in a single day, false tells, being homebound, opportunity versus motive, living in a cage, and gathering infinite information. plus jason tells aisha about the best day of his life, and we get some consensus on moving the goal posts.

girl on guy’s got a handle on your tell.

explicit content.
don’t play this for your mom.