girl on guy 109: greg grunberg
big ass tv star, super nice hero guy

October 15, 2013

greg grunberg is that guy.

you don’t know how you know him, but you know you know him. you haven’t just seen him in something, you’ve seen him in everything.

a litany of hit prime-time shows. countless commercials. jj abrams blockbusters. playing guitar in that band from tv. he’s a hero, a g-man, a roommate, a best friend. greg grunberg is everywhere.

greg is also a philanthropist, an activist, a guy who has tirelessly put his money and his time where his mouth is, working to educate people about epilepsy, a disease that afflicts his son. he’s on a relentless mission to help people understand epilepsy, to talk about it, and ultimately, to end it. and he and his band have raised millions of dollars to make that happen.

yeah. greg grunberg is that guy.

join greg grunberg and aisha as they blow through growing up bel air adjacent, driving joel silver, f-bombing auditions, transactional respect, double fisting network shows, winning the internet, cannabis therapy, having a monster best friend, escaping a big ass spider, and rocking with the band from tv. plus greg helps demystify epilepsy, and aisha pronounces machete really hard.

girl on guy needs a really big can of bug spray.

explicit content.
don’t play this for your mom.