girl on guy 02: brett erlich
infomania, rotten tomatoes, viral video film school

August 2, 2011

brett erlich and I have a lot in common. we both grew up in california. we both hosted low-production value basic cable shows with a rabid cult following. and we both love a good poop joke. brett is hilarious and has hosted not one, but two shows on al gore’s current network: rotten tomatoes, which he created and was co-executive producer of, and infomania. so he is actually way, way ahead of me.

having bid farewell on july 15 to the long-running infomania, which is being cleared off current’s schedule to make way for 21.7 hours a day of keith-olbermann-centered programming, brett joins me to discuss why movies are sucking in triplicate, the soul-crushing joys of hosting a basic cable show, the finer points of fruit-flavored alcoholic beverages, and how not to impress your college girlfriend.

plus, we see how many poop jokes we can jam into an hour.

answer: a lot.

explicit content.
don’t play this for your mom.