girl on guy 97: joe manganiello
alpha dog

June 11, 2013

joe manganiello isn’t at all what you think.

he may seem like a golden boy, tall and yoked, insanely fit and unnaturally good looking. the kind of easygoing, charming human magnet that guys want to be around and women want to be on top of. or under. or wherever.

but joe is a worker, driven and self-made. born in pittsburgh, he was a guy with an incredible amount of talent and drive, but hamstrung by his own lack of focus and tendency to party hard. very hard. well-meaning people told joe he had “potential,” which is just another way of saying he wasn’t living up to it.

still, joe’s talent and passion brought him huge early successes. but somehow, he couldn’t get out of his own way. and eventually, his appetite for self-destruction caught up with him, and he lost everything he had. everything.

it was either time to quit, or start over from scratch. with a vengeance. and joe is definitely not a quitter.

he picked himself up, humbled himself, and decided to pour every ounce of energy into fully living up to that great potential everyone had always told him he had.

the spectacular result was a newer, better, faster, and most definitely bigger, joe. and the rest is lupine history.

for joe, there is no fate but what we make. and he is busy tearing destiny from the jaws of fate with his bare naked hands.

join one-man wolfpack joe manganiello and aisha as they tear through the allure of pittsburgh, becoming alcide, aggressive nudity, anticipating the wave, googling yourself, unique forms of self-improvement, drunken shakespeare, and rising from the ashes of your own making.

plus joe shames aisha for not utilizing her dvr in the way nature intended, and aisha takes her licks.

girl on guy invites you to insert your preferred wolf-related innuendo here.

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