girl on guy 96: ty pennington
dream builder; one man wrecking crew

June 5, 2013

ty pennington can’t sit still.

from the very start, he was a wiggly toddler. a fidgety kid. a spazzy teen. an agitated adult. ty had a lot of surplus energy. a lot. more than he knew what to do with.

he put that energy into everything he could. comic books. sports. setting fires. art. building. creating. ty would take things apart and put them back together again, just to see what would happen. his curiosity and energy led him to create things, but just as often, it led him to wreck stuff. sometimes spectacularly.

and then one day, he got wrecked himself. and everything changed.

ty left his old frenetic life behind, eventually landing a job making old spaces new again, making magic with his hands in record time. suddenly his whirlwind energy and manic sleeplessness had direction. purpose. that purpose eventually led him to front a team of dream builders on a show that worked miracles, in miracle time, for families who truly needed transformation in their lives.

but in the end, ty found, he was the one who was transformed.

join mad designer ty pennington and aisha as they tear through destructive tendencies, bouncing off walls, trading spaces, going without sleep, crying in the mud, building up, tearing down, figuring out your brain, and what being broken can bring you.

plus ty wants to wrestle a whale shark. the shark will probably lose.

girl on guy wants you to move. that. bus.

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