girl on guy 69: dave attell
comedy sharpshooter. porn connoisseur. teatime delight.

November 19, 2012

dave attell likes porn. he doesn’t care who knows it.

years on the road as one of the country’s premier standup comedians left dave with an abundance of free time. he has used that time to become a porn connoisseur, specifically porn of a vintage provenance. if it was originally released on VHS, reel-to-reel, laserdisc or nickelodeon, chances are Dave has seen it, reviewed it, and stashed it in a banker’s box for careful safekeeping.

dave is not a tourist. he knows his porn.

as dazzling yet discomfiting as that may be, the porn is just a distraction from a career spent destroying crowds in every possible corner of the country, earning him the love of fans and the idolatry of fellow comedians. dave is a comic’s comic, a brutally honest storyteller and meticulous joke writer who pursues the truth no matter how ugly, revering honesty above all else, even when that honesty means revealing the worst truths about himself. dave attell is comedy royalty, unabashedly honest, unflinchingly forthcoming, unapologetically dirty and undeniably hilarious.

and he really likes porn. so much so that he turned his encyclopedic knowledge of the pornographic arts into a television show, where he shares his collection with the world. and for that, we should be truly thankful.

join dave attell and aisha as they rip through comedic snake pits, advising baby comics, reading the crowd, avoiding the stink of failure, rejecting fame, the bitterness of old comics, reluctant adulthood, and enjoying vintage porn. plus dave is not a joiner, and aisha avoids a sticky situation. literally.

girl on guy is all about the money shot.


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