girl on guy 27: world poker champion joe hachem

December 21, 2011

australian joe hachem has a great story. the best kind of story, in fact. the kind of cinderella story we americans love: a regular joe with a regular life — wife and kids, a chiropractic practice — discovers a hobby he loves, and turns it into a job, then into a calling… and then he hits it big.

it’s almost a hollywood movie. pabulum. a cliché.

only in Joe’s case, the story is real, and the hobby is poker. joe went from being forced into early retirement from a job he absolutely loved to being a world class poker champion. and this regular joe doesn’t just hit it kinda big. he wins a major title and hits it insanely big. like, $7.5 million dollars big.

and then, he does it again.

joe hachem is one of only five guys in the world to win the “double crown of poker,” first winning the world series of poker in 2005, and then the world poker tour’s five diamonds poker classic in 2006. he is a millionaire many times over, ripping success from thin air with nothing but his own smarts, skill, determination, focus, discipline, passion for the game and, of course, a little bit of luck. that, my friends, is poker.

join world class poker champ joe hachem and aisha as they talk having the nuts, being a control freak, staying steely in the weeds, reading the table, taking the tough laydowns, chasing the elusive triple crown, having all your dreams come true, and not letting it go to your head.

plus joe bathes in a tub full of money, and aisha gives up her tell.

girl on guy. we are always all in.

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