girl on guy 111: gabrielle reece
badass fox in the middle

October 29, 2013

gabby reece has always stood out.

the only tall girl. the only blond girl. the unsaved girl at the christian school, the white girl on the island, the big girl in the middle. she’s always known what it was like to feel different, to wish you could blend in, match, disappear.

but the other side of standing out, of people seeing you as different, is that try as you might, you can’t blend in. when you’re already singular, remarkable, other, there’s nothing keeping you from being extraordinary, superlative, special. when others have no expectations of you, you don’t have to live up to any one’s expectations but your own.

gabby went from being a wayward partying teen to a fashion model to a record-setting college athlete, then on to become one of the most recognized professional volleyball players in the world, and finally a powerhouse global fitness brand. along the way she has never shied away from controversy or challenge, never paused, never apologized.

what was once a handicap β€” being unusual β€” has become her calling card.

gabby reece has always stood out. at first she couldn’t help it. now, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

join powerhouse athlete gabby reece and aisha as they smash through training dolphins in mexico city, horrifying height realizations, drinking rum in the islands, shacking up with the principal, outselling michael jordan, the controversy of submission, and funny times in the waffle house parking lot. plus aisha and gabby reflect on being big bitches, and gabby is living in the movie point break.

girl on guy is done with sketchy guys.

explicit content.
don’t play this for your mom.