girl on guy 105: jack osbourne
rock royalty, adrenaline junkie

September 16, 2013

rock royalty.

adrenaline junkie.

recovering addict.

enfant terrible.




film maker.

clean and sober.

completely misunderstood.

jack osbourne has seen more, done more, lived through more and survived more than most of us could imagine in even our wildest rock-fueled fantasies. and somehow he’s managed to step out from the bullet train ride of his own childhood focused, determined, driven, and devastatingly well-adjusted.

if you thought you knew jack from the osbournes, the tabloids, or your own hazy half-baked assumptions, well, you don’t know jack.

join rock prince jack osbourne and aisha as they go off the rails over the cocaine 80s, fucked up chicken, automobile somnolence, offstage ambivalence, onstage rage, hiding your prescriptions, hanging with incubus, surviving a rock star father, running for your life, the origins of the osbournes, telling the whole truth, and ozzy’s jar of shadows.

plus jack needs a good hosing down, and he and aisha come up with the best name for flavored booze, ever.

girl on guy is gonna need a change of clothes.

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