girl on guy 100: jeri ryan
brilliant intergalactic fox

July 3, 2013

jeri ryan has absolutely no right to be as nice as she is.

jeri is tall. talented. smart. accomplished. driven. drop dead gorgeous. and has been on more hot tv shows than can be listed here.

by all metrics, she should be impossible to be around.

instead, jeri is shockingly lovely. quick to laugh, at herself as well as others. self-possessed. humble. funny. intellectually curious. utterly no-bullshit. and still, of course, drop dead gorgeous.

all of which make her insufferably adorable, impossibly delightful, and much like the borg,  frustratingly irresistible.

relinquish your struggles. resistance is futile.

come celebrate girl on guy’s 100th episode with brilliant intergalactic fox jeri ryan and aisha for a very special girl on girl 100th episode as they warp speed through multilingualism and francophilia, the horrors of dissection, the mystique of hollywood, saying no to voyager, becoming human, droopy bras, chronic dehydration, and old guys and hookers. plus jeri has a serious case of starstruckism, and aisha is gearing up for a monster july.

girl on guy  will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.

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