james tyler: my dad

— posts 12.25.11

ever wonder how i got this way?

well, find out when i sit down with my dad to discuss everything we love:
motorcycles, fast cars, action movies, curse words, cracking people up and street fighting.
plus, my dad tells me what it was like to raise me, and it isn’t pretty.

it’s a special christmas episode of girl on guy that i am sure to regret.
girl on guy. we’re keeping the yuletide m*thaf*cking bright.

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here are a few photos to illustrate the show. savor the magic.

my dad and his beloved corvette stingray. righteous.

yes, i was born in the 70s.
and action jackson raised me.

an early birthday. as you can see, i’m a pepper.

me and my dad now.

merry christmas, everyone.

and now, you understand
where i got my sense of
humor. apparently we
were keystone cops.