girl on guy 74: isaiah mustafa
the man your man could smell like

December 24, 2012

for the last day of christmas, girl on guy gives to thee, the old spice guy. he’s the man your man could smell like, and so very much more.

yes, you or your man could smell awesome like this man. but for you or your man to be awesome like this man, you’ve got to more. a lot more. be a college football star. an nfl wide receiver. a restauranteur. an actor. a showman. a man who sounds like john cleese, billy dee williams, james brolin, and batman had a baby, put him on a horse, gave him a fistful of diamonds and taught him how to bake elaborate special event desserts.

with diamonds.

yes, isaiah mustafah is full of awesome. and he’s about to unload all that awesome right into your face.

army, you are welcome.

join isaiah mustafah and aisha as they gallop through no quarter at comic-con, the hard knocks of pro football, losing your mind in barcelona, wee hour hijinks in east oakland, enduring sloshy roommate sex, losing everything, winning it back again, and being the black kato. plus, isaiah enrages the internet and aisha is highly sympathetic. girl on guy smells like a romantic millionaire polo playing jet fighter pilot.

i’m on a horse.

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