girl on guy 122: harold perrineau
real life operator

January 15, 2014

romeo and juliet. oz. lost. matrix. sons of anarchy. best man holiday. zero dark thirty.

harold perrineau has done all of the awesome things. you have seen him in something you have loved, and more likely, in all of the things you have loved. a dancer, a shakespearean actor, a singer, a violinist — harold is classically trained and extraordinarily accomplished.

but all that classical training wasn’t always a good thing. a self-described “little kid” who grew up in the projects, carrying a violin case didn’t do much for his street cred. harold was skinny, musical, tiny, weird. he always felt like an outsider, an oddity, looking to find his place in a world, and later a business, that constantly seeks to categorize, define, stereotype, and isolate.

he resisted categorization, fighting to be recognized for who he was rather than who others wanted him to be.  eventually that oddity that confounded others, including his family, became the very thing that made him special. and once he started working, the floodgates opened. harold has finally made peace with being the weird kid. what happens next is up to him.

join harold perrineau and aisha as they talk about being the golden child, discovering you’re black, druggy uncles, loving the projects, confounding your parents, surprising yourself, risky art, trouble in mexico, and jacking into the matrix. plus harold hates pudding. you must listen to truly understand.

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explicit content.
don’t play this for your mom.